• April 21st, 2016

Strategic Brand Communication

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

1. Postgraduate level.
2. 70% overall mark, thus it is very important. thanks.
• Brief introduction to ASOS (only relevant information) (roughly 200 words)
• Write a mini literature review on customer experience (offline/online) (roughly 800 words)
• Evaluate ASOS website (web atmospherics, design, and layout) in light of digital customer experience literature (roughly 400 words)
• Evaluate ASOS social media efforts and content in light of digital customer experience literature (roughly 400 words)
• Suggest any recommendations for the business and justify these suggestions (roughly 200 words)

*Word count for each bullet point is a guideline only.

Notes on the assignment
• Individual coursework: Essay style, 2000 words (+/- 10%)
• All work must be submitted on time.
• This piece will be judged in terms of the strength and depth of its analysis. It will also be judged in terms of the quality of the literature review (use of a wide variety of relevant research papers in customer/shopping experience as well as brand communication research. The recommendations you make must be clearly explained and justified showing exactly why such recommendations are significant.
• You must reference your work using Harvard Reference Style. Poor referencing will result in poor marks (also failing to reference may result in a case of plagiarism, so ensure you reference your work properly, if in doubt, please ask do not leave it to chance!)

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