• April 15th, 2016

Strategic Audit

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

  1. External Environment OT (Opportunities and Threats)

    a. Societal Environment

    1. What general environmental forces are currently affecting both the company and the
    industries in which it competes? Which present current or future threats? Opportunities?

    i. Economic
    ii. Technological
    iii. Political—legal
    iv. Sociocultural
    b. Task Environment

    1. What forces drive industry competition? Are these forces the same globally, or do they vary
    from country to country? Rate each force as high, medium, or low.

    i. Threat of new entrants
    ii. Bargaining power of buyers
    iii. Threat of substitute products or services
    iv. Bargaining power of suppliers
    v. Rivalry among competing firms
    vi. Relative power of unions, governments, special interest groups, etc,

    2. What key factors in the immediate environment (that is, customers, competitors, suppliers,
    creditors, labor unions, governments. trade associations, interest groups, local communities, and
    shareholders) are currently affecting the company? Which are current or future Threats?Opportunities?

    c. Summary of External Factors
    Which of these forces are the most important to the company and to the industries in which it
    competes at the present time? Which will be important in the future?

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