• October 3rd, 2017

Storage Area Networks and Disaster Recovery

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Background Information
Each business is unique and distinctive, having various needs and requirements. The need to customize a Disaster Recovery Plan to a particular business situation is a requirement of any good plan.
1. Identify a business, real or fictitious, and create a list of all personnel, positions, assets, vendors, customers, etc. for that business.
2. It is vital that you choose a good template and model for your Disaster Recovery Plan. Use the sites below to help you choose a Disaster Recovery Plan template that will work in your particular industry situation.
• Sample Plan: MIT Business Continuity Plan (Links to an external site.)
• Disaster Recovery Plan Template:http://www.disaster-recovery-plan.com/ (Links to an external site.)
• Disaster Recovery Made Easy (Links to Pieces Needed in Plan – Determine Scope and Dependency)http://www.disaster-recovery-plan.com/toolkit.htm (Links to an external site.)
• The Disaster Recovery Guidehttp://www.disaster-recovery-guide.com/ (Links to an external site.)
• Identify the qualities that helped you select your Disaster Recovery Plan template, making sure to include:
• Main reason you chose this template
• Items that are unnecessary within the selected template
• Items that must be added to augment the selected template for your particular business
• How easily is this plan replicated for additional business sites if necessary (or maybe N/A)?
• Location where you retrieved the template
• Is permission for use/reproduction required? Has permission been attained? Include date, method secured [such as email, phone, etc.], person supplying permission, necessary declarations, and such as copyrights that must be displayed.

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