• April 25th, 2016

Stem cell

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Your paper should be at least three full pages (excluding title page, pictures and the reference page) single space (font type: Arial; font size:12) THE ONLY ACCEPTABLE FORMAT IS MICROSOFT WORD

At least four references are required for this paper from which minimum one references must be a book or a scientific journal (Nature, Science, ..etc). Your text book is not acceptable as one of your references.
Sections with section titles in order of appearance:

1.Introduction and background
4.Examples (if any)
5.Future of the Human Gene Therapy, Genetically Modified Crops or the stem cell.
6.Pros and cons (if any)

You can not copy and paste information from internet, books, article..etc. You need to read the information and extract information from it. Then you present your understanding in your own writing. Para-phrasing is not allowed.
Not more than 15% of your writing can be quoted from other sources.
If turnitin.com was not able to determine the percentage of similarity of your assignment when you upload it, the paper is not acceptable.

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