• February 13th, 2017

Stem Cell Non-Embryonic

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By the completion of this activity you will be able to:
• Identify the bioethical issues of stem cell technology, including both the decision making process and appropriate parameters for ethical actions.
After you have completed assignment and 2, reviewing notes about non-embryonic stem cells, you should begin this activity. Keep in mind that non-embryonic cells have only recently been discovered s and used in research and therefore most of the information you need will be on websites instead of the textbook.
Keep the following guiding questions in mind as you complete this activity taking care to ensure your response address them:
• How can humans benefit from stem cells that are not embryonic?
• If we have non-embryonic sources available then why are we still fighting over embryonic stem cells?
• There must be some major drawbacks t the widespread use of non-embryonic stem cells. What are those draw backs?
Read the assigned materials, and also access 3 articles, which do not need to be peer-reviewed from the Excelsior College Library, or the companion website, www.devbio.com; at least one must come from the EC library.
You need to find detailed support to develop the following essay:
Identify the possibilities and the ethical implications of non-embryonic stem cell research on animals (including humans). How are you sorting through the facts and emotions to decide whether or not to support stem cell research?

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