• October 2nd, 2017

Stats Math Week 2

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10. If an experiment is conducted with 5 conditions and 6 subjects in each condition, what are dfn and dfe?
17. The following data are from a hypothetical study on the effects of age and time on scores on a test of reading comprehension. Compute the analysis of variance summary table.
28. (AT) The dataset ADHD Treatment has four scores per subject.
a. Is the design between-subjects or within-subjects?
b. Create an ANOVA summary table.
29. (AT) Using the Anger Expression Index from the Angry Moods study as the dependent variable, perform a 2×2 ANOVA with gender and sports participation as the two factors. Do athletes and non-athletes differ significantly in how much anger they express? Do the genders differ significantly in Anger Expression Index? Is the effect of sports participation significantly different for the two genders?
AT case study info: http://onlinestatbook.com/case_studies/adhd.html
13.2 The F Distribution and the F-Ratio Use the following information to answer the next three exercises. Suppose a group is interested in determining whether teenagers obtain their drivers licenses at approximately the same average age across the country. Suppose that the following data are randomly collected from five teenagers in each region of the country. The numbers represent the age at which teenagers obtained their drivers licenses.
H0: µ1 = µ2 = µ3 = µ4 = µ5
Hα: At least any two of the group means µ1, µ2, …, µ5 are not equal.
61. degrees of freedom – numerator: df(num) = _________
63. F statistic = ________
69. A researcher wants to know if the mean times (in minutes) that people watch their favorite news station are the same. Suppose that Table 13.24 shows the results of a study
71. Are the mean number of times a month a person eats out the same for whites, blacks, Hispanics and Asians? Suppose that Table 13.26 shows the results of a study.
77. A grassroots group opposed to a proposed increase in the gas tax claimed that the increase would hurt working-class people the most, since they commute the farthest to work. Suppose that the group randomly surveyed 24 individuals and asked them their daily one-way commuting mileage. The results are as follows.
81. Is the variance for the amount of money, in dollars, that shoppers spend on Saturdays at the mall the same as the variance for the amount of money that shoppers spend on Sundays at the mall? Suppose that the Table 13.34 shows the results of a study

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