• March 19th, 2016

Statistical data

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  1. Assignment: This assignment is a three page research paper in MLA format, 12 fonts with double spacing, investigating how statistics are used or possibly abused. To what extent is statistical data utilized and how might the data manipulated to result in a biased interpretation. NO NEED AN INTRODUCTION AND CONCLUSION AND TITLE. Plagiarism will result in a failing grade zero for this assignment. 2. Objective: Use clear and accurate vocabulary Compose a well-organized research paper, with a narrowly focused topic Logical presentation of ideas Present a thesis statement which is clear and makes the reader want to read more Choose strategies appropriate for the task Make sure of all aspects of the writing process including but not limited to peer editing and the writing center, which is available to all students Demonstrate college level grammar, spelling, mechanics and style Practice academic integrity In-text citations and works cited page, correctly MLA formatted. 3. Task: Mark Twain once said, “Figures often beguile me, particularly when I have the arranging of them myself, in which case the remark attributed to Disraeli would often apply with justice and force. There are three kinds of lies: lies, dammed lies and statistics.” The questions presented for the purpose of this research paper are to evaluate the extent to which statistics are reliable and unbiased. In utilizing statistics there are a number of variables which must be considered. Should all statistics be accepted as factual? Statistical data is presented to us every day. The news constantly reports a variety of data, ranging from how the economy is progressing to the national birth rate. Over the holiday season, the spending of consumers was predicted. How much each person was expected to spend was a topic of the news reports. To what extent does the presentation of statistical information affect decision making? If it is presented as statistical data, as opposed to opinion, does that make the information more reliable and unbiased? We are currently in an election season. How do the daily statistics, resulting from the polls, affect voter response? At least six reference sources are required, only one may be a website. Notes from class: The teacher was talking about old Marlboro commercial, where they were saying that 9 out of 10 doctors smoke Marlboro was an example of a statistic used in the commercial. Then he mentioned unemployment statistics is not accurate because they only count people who’s getting unemployment but if they are not eligible no more they are not counted but they are still technically unemployed. So, it’s inaccurate.

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