• April 24th, 2016

Statistical Analysis about Single Mothers in poverty in Harris County

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Conduct data analysis and present your findings


  • State your research questions and hypothesis in one page. Explain literature that support your hypothesis. (You need to give references about supporting authors about our topics at least 5 reference)


  • Based on assignment 1, explain your modeling approaches in two pages, more or less

(Assignment 1 is uploaded, Please see it. So you need to describe about dependent and independent variables and statistical model you are going to apply)



  • Describe your study areas and the data your collected in one or two pages.

(I explained already about data. You need to write it in a good format.)


  • Show the procedures of data analysis and present results no limit to the length.

(So you need to show your regression, Annona, z score, correlation, etc. or whatever. I do not really know statistic but this is advance class. So you need to think deep. You need to consider all the statistical techniques that you can apply for our results. )


  • Interpret the results and findings in one or two pages. (This is the most important part. Please write your findings clearly and explained what they mean.



  • Draw conclusion in one page or less.

(If it is supportive out hypothesis it will be nice)

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