• March 24th, 2016

SPSS Analysis

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Altering Data in SPSS
Using the ‘fear of crime’ database that is attached, please conduct the following:
1. Categorise ‘age’ into a new ordinal variable (agecat) using categories that you deem appropriate
2. Recode ‘crimlvl’ and ‘asblvl’ into the same variables, so that the new values are as follows (1=lower, 2=stayed the same, 3=higher)

Analysing Data using SPSS

Using the ‘fear of crime’ database, please produce the following:
1. Frequency tables for the new agecat variable and the new crimlvl/asblvl values
2. Frequency tables for three different nominal variables
3. One bar chart, one pie chart and one histogram using appropriate variables
4. The mode, median and mean for an appropriate variable
5. Paste all the output into a Word document
6. Underneath each result carefully describe the data
N.B. Remember the variables in the downloaded file may not be correctly classified according to their level of measurement, check.

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