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  • March 9th, 2016


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Unit 5 Discussion
The University of Eastern Plains, a private university with an outstanding academic reputation, is planning to extend its football program from a mid-range scholarship program to the highest level of collegiate competition. It is faced with a number of obstacles, one of which is not inadequate funding.

It will need to expand its facilities necessitating several projects being planned and implemented simultaneously. One group of alums wants a certain plan, while other alumni groups want a different plan, and still another alumni group opposes any such expansion without assurances that academic integrity will not be compromised. All groups have significant financial war chests.

Nevertheless, the Board of Governors, the university’s governing body has overwhelmingly voted to proceed with the project(s).

Discuss approaches to placating these groups, while devising effective project and strategic planning executions to bring about this expansion successfully and on time. Take into consideration the structure of UEP, the power bases involved, and the strategic planning execution model.

You may use your own devices and creativity to set the entire scenario.

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