• April 2nd, 2016

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Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Choose ONE initiative to analyse.

An example of the kind of industry initiative you might choose is the Wire online. Questions you might consider include: when was it launched, how did it evolve? They consider themselves cutting edge. What marks them out as cutting edge as a digital magazine – what aspects make them more cutting edge than, say, Esquire online?
It will be helpful if you decide on a THEME and give yourself a title accordingly (ALWAYS put the title at the top of your submission). So for example, you might decide to consider: ‘In what ways are the structure and content (including advertising) of Stylist magazine (www.stylist.co.uk/) directed by expectations of a female audience?’; or ‘How does Wired (https://www.wired.co.uk/magazine) present itself as a technical innovator through the online version of its magazine as opposed to the hard copy?’

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