• April 3rd, 2016

Sport & Exercise Promotion

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Suggested structure for the report: (this is only a suggestion not a prescribed structure). N.B. Remember to check the ILO’s for this assignment

1. Executive Summary (similar to a journal article abstract – an overview)

2. Index Page

3. Introduction
• The rational for your event/intervention
• What the event attempted to achieve
• The event objectives
• How the success of the event will be measured.
• Link back to the presentation targets

4. Overview of the Pre Event Planning

4.1 Logistics – purpose of the event, target participants

4.2 Marketing – any market research carried out, type of marketing promotion used etc. Remember to justify your choices.

5. Overview of the Event

5.1 Resources & Activities
• Physical (equipment)
• Human (staffing)
• Choice of activity type

6. Evaluation

6.1 Evaluation
• Was the methodology effective?
• What were the strengths of the event?
• Were there unexpected outcomes?
• Link to background reading and support used in the presentation
• Feedback from clients

7. Conclusion

8. Reference and Bibliography pages

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