• April 24th, 2016

Spectrophotometry of DNA and RNA Lab

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Write a lab report summarizing your findings from the spectrophotometry of DNA and RNA lab. Use the following format:

A summary of the experiment and your findings.

Write a paragraph about the structure of DNA and RNA, and using UV light to measure nucleic acid concentration. This is also a good place to briefly summarize how the DNA and RNA you analyzed were prepared (according to the lab manual, but without the kind of detail you would use for a materials and methods section).

Materials and methods
An explanation of how you performed the experiments, written in paragraph form.

Results and Figures
An explanation of your findings, also written in paragraph form. Distinct experiments/findings can be organized with subheadings. Figures and tables should be titled and clearly labeled. CREATE A STANDARD CURVE for the diphenylamine reaction with absorbance as the ordinate and DNA concentration as the abscissa. CREATE ANOTHER STANDARD CURVE for the orcinol reaction with absorbance as the ordinate and RNA concentration as the abscissa.

Please summarize your findings and what the mean. Answer the following questions: why do DNA and RNA absorb UV light; what is the best wavelength to analyze DNA/RNA concentration; how did you distinguish between DNA and RNA; if your findings differed from what was expected, why did this happen? If your findings don’t match your expectations, what did you expect?

References should be appropriately cited with a References section at the end.

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