• April 6th, 2016

Solar System report.

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This week you will summarize one past mission to a planet or moon of our solar system, excluding Earth or its Moon (so all Apollo missions and the like are excluded). Do not choose current or future missions, because the information available on them will probably not be enough to fully comply with what I expect from this report.

Your report should include the mission name, spacecraft characteristics, mission dates/timelines, and objectives (one or two paragraphs). You should address the questions: “what significant contribution did this mission make to the understanding of this body of the solar system?” and “how does this information relate to other aspects you know of (from lecture) about the solar system?” (one full, detailed paragraph for each)

Make sure that you mention the relationship between the lecture material and your mission in a very explicit way. Do not assume that I will be able to ‘guess’ that that is what you are writing about, so start the paragraph with wording such as “This mission relates to the topics presented in lecture…”. Make sure that what you mention is meaningful, that is, it is not enough to say “this relates to page 3 of the lecture” or the like.

Your report should be well structured, consist of several paragraphs, and be quite thorough. You may include diagrams and pictures. Make sure it is written in your own words. Please refrain from cutting and pasting enormous amounts of information from the website(s) you visit

When reporting, make sure you mention the accomplishments (significant contribution) in detail. The objectives should be brief.

It has to be between 250 and 650 words. Points will be deducted for every 25 words you go above or below these upper and lower boundaries.

You may attach as many figures as you want, as long as you refer to them in your text, number them, and provide a caption for them.

A good place to start is in the Missions section in https://www.nasa.gov/

But you may choose another space agency such as the ESA. Please do not use information from wikipedia, lectures from other colleges/schools, encyclopedias (such as britannica), ‘askme.com’-like information search sites, or news sites (such as msnbc); all of these are not considered valid resources. List your sources at the end of the paper as links.

Two valid sources required.

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