• March 6th, 2016

Software platforms

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Today’s businesses run on various software platforms, especially Logistics and Supply Chain functions. One of the most common and powerful tools companies used for analysis is Excel. While many large ERP systems or separate software systems (e.g., Purchasing module, Warehouse module) have built-in analytic capability, more often data is exported from a software system into Excel for deeper analysis.
We have reviewed a powerful add-in called solver, but there are many other standard Excel tools and functions that are powerful and extremely useful in the field of Logistics and Supply Chain. Please review the tools and functions below.
Tools and Functions: Pivot Tables and Charts, What-If Analysis,
The two above discuss what the tool or function does, provide a sample formula or high-level instructions on how to use the tool or function, and then give an example of how it can be used in analysis or modeling (personal examples are preferred).

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