• January 3rd, 2017

Sociopolitical Trends

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Some large public universities in the United States began as land-grant institutions that were funded by sales and revenues from state land. Others were founded specifically to train teachers, while others trained engineers or farmers. In many areas, schools were founded to provide education to specific groups of students, such as women. Though many of these institutions retain these origins in their names, most have broadened their scope of service to serve diverse populations and to offer many other programs and goals.
For this Assignment, consider sociopolitical trends in higher education.
To prepare:
• Select two institutions of higher education in different regions. The two institutions that you select should have roughly similar characteristics, such as size and scope of programs.
• Research press releases issued by the public information office. Review each institution’s website, particularly sections that provide information on history, mission, and trends.
• Consider the sociopolitical and demographic trends in each region and how those factors affect a region’s higher-education institutions. Review business, popular, and academic publications for this information.
To complete:
Write a 3- to 4-page paper that presents your research about the sociopolitical and demographic trends at two higher education institutions in two different regions. Include the following:
• Research from the popular, business, and academic press about the region’s sociopolitical and demographic trends.
• Your examination of information provided by the institution through its public information office.
• Comparison of how these two regions are differently impacted and how this may affect each institution.
• Analysis of the relationship between local sociopolitical factors and institutions of higher education.

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