• January 3rd, 2017

Sociopolitical Trends in Higher Education

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Whether an institution of higher education is 25 or 250 years old, its landscape is changing and it has to respond to shifts in education. Factors ranging from demographic changes to technology innovation to funding shifts are among the many dramatic differences that have affected institutions of all sizes and purposes.
To prepare:
Research the sociopolitical and historical changes that have occurred at an institution you select. In your research, look for information in sections on the institution’s website titled “History” or “Timeline.” Also review statements made by the president, public information office, or board of trustees.
Consider how these changes, and others, have impacted the institution and how it has responded.
To complete:
By Day 3 of Week 4
Post responses to the following:
• In your subject line, identify the institution and its location.
• Briefly describe three sociopolitical or historical facts that have changed over time at this institution.
• Explain any changes over time to the demographics, curricula, or service of the institution.
• Provide a brief analysis of the current and future issues that administrators and leaders at this institution, and more broadly in higher education, need to address given the sociopolitical and historical context.
• Use scholarly language, and provide URL links to the institution you describe.

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