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Social Work and Human Services | UK US Essays
  • March 5th, 2016

Social Work and Human Services

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Based on your reading and the lecture slides, provide detailed answers to the following questions:

Chapter 6
1.What are some of the responsibilities of an IH?
2.What are the routes of entry for substances to be taken up by the body? Provide an example of each type.
3.Differentiate between acute and chronic exposures.

Chapter 7
1.How can videotaping jobs be useful in the evaluation of ergonomic problems?
2.What are the costs associated with material handling and repetitive motion injuries? Why are these two types of ergonomic problems of concern to the safety professional?
3.What is the purpose of the NIOSH lifting guidelines?
4.Since OSHA has no ergonomic standard, how can companies be required to address ergonomic hazards in the workplace?

Chapter 8
1.List the various classifications for fire extinguishers and the types of materials they are intended to be used on.
2.Identify key elements (required or prohibited) for exits and exit ways. Provide specific examples.
3.Identify some measures a company can take to reduce the likelihood or minimize the severity of a fire.

Chapter 15
1.Describe the company’s responsibilities relative to Materials Safety Data Sheets.
2.List and describe labeling requirements for hazardous chemicals.
3.List and describe the training requirements for companies where hazardous chemicals are present.

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