• January 4th, 2017

Social Work and Human Services

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In the final project, you will need to consider what social and cultural factors might affect the client’s use of transportation. Based on what you have read in Chapters 1–5 about social and cultural awareness and your understanding of the final project scenario, write a two-paragraph journal entry describing the social and cultural factors that might affect the client’s use of transportation services and your approach to the final project.
In your entry, be sure to address the following critical elements:
a. Regarding the individual client (Mary): What specific social and cultural factors must be considered in your client’s case that might affect her use of transportation services?
b. Regarding the larger transportation services in the geographic area: What social and cultural factors will impact the use of transportation services? In other words, does dispatch have to know if the client uses a wheelchair so an appropriate vehicle is sent for pickup? How will the transportation company engage with non-English speakers?
c. How will social and cultural factors influence your presentation? Differentiate the specific social and cultural factors you will need to consider in delivering your message to each of the target audiences. In other words, how will you communicate the intended message most effectively to a diverse population of audience members?

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