• March 19th, 2016

Social and Personality development in Adolescence

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Outline –3 required elements:
1. Title page with running head
2. Outline format that details the topic you plan to research and write about (must be detailed)
3. Reference Page in APA format (must have 4 references) (One of your references should be the Journal Article you chose.

Search for journal articles or books that focus on the topic you have chosen.

Then go on Learning Commons- click on ODIN- and change search drop down tab from Williston State to Articles + . Type in your topic and look for journal articles (peer reviewed are best) on your topic. You need a minimum of 4 references for this paper.

Create a title for your paper and set up a Title page following APA format instructions on the Guidelines for the research paper.

Follow this outline format: (12pt-no bold)

Title of Paper

I. Introductory Paragraphs
A. Introduce the topic you are discussing
1. Population you are focusing on
2. Theorist view of the topic (ex: Piaget, Kohlberg, Ainsworth)
3. Statistics if available

II. Body of the Paper
A. Describe your topic (detailed- look for various viewpoints, theories)
B. Find research that looks at the topic or consequences of the topic (Ex: Spanking does it result in more aggressive behavior in children)

III. Conclusions
A paragraph wrapping up your paper

References- this is a separate page with a running head and title (APA Format)

(Look at the sample page to see the APA format) Use resources given to make sure your references are in APA format (Minimum of 4 references- books (not the textbook) or journal articles-NO Websites- unless approved ahead of time)

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