• April 11th, 2016

SOCI332 week 2

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Very important this week’s main Forum requires you to answer the question completely and correctly to receive full credit.

Now that you have uploaded the GSS dataset into your SPSS and have taken a look at the Codebook, you are going to create and post a frequency table of your variables. Complete the following steps:

Give your forum title a unique label specific to your study/variables. Post a brief explanation of your topic which includes a bit of information about your variables (label them clearly). Include frequency tables and histograms for each of your variables. Explain this data in no more than 5 sentences (each variable).

To create a frequency table in SPSS

1. Open SPSS and open your GSS data file

2. Click Analyze

3. Click Descriptive Statistics

4. Click Frequencies

5. click open Statistics

6. make sure that mean, median, mode, standards deviation, and variance are chosen and click Continue

7. ​Choose the variable that you want to make a frequency table of and click the arrow (this will move it into the right ‘Variable’ box)

8. Click OK

Presenting your data in graphic form is also important when conducting quantitative research. Based on what you have learned from the reading and the weekly lesson, create a graphic representation of your data. Directions for each can be found in your textbook. You can also follow the following steps, but remember to format the chart accordingly (labels, black and white color, etc.).

To Create a Chart

1. Follow steps 1-4 above (without worrying about the Statistics).

2. Click Charts

3. Click choice of format

4. Click OK

5. Continue with steps 5-6

Export all of the frequency tables and charts by copy and pasting them into the textbox below.

Here is the topic that i chose:

Demerits and Benefits of Media for a Society

Media is the means used to convey large-scale communication to spread awareness. Make changes or gossip about an issue and inform the society as a whole. Media includes communication devices such as the internet, telephone, direct mail, fax, radio, newspapers, TV, billboards, and magazines. In learning institutions, children are expected to have some degree of knowledge of some soft ware’s and technologies and read the newspaper. It is evident that every circle of life has the aspect of media in it. Its primary function is to spread awareness and information about the happenings globally (Gunning, 2007). Media acts as a medium to the crimes, dirty politics, rape and various crimes by bringing them into the eyes of everyone. Radio serves as a universal medium that can be listened to in the cars, at homes and is easily affordable making it available in almost every corner of the countries. Also, radio can be listened to via mobile or mp3 player of which a large number of the society owns.

Through media, important information can reach the most remote of areas, and people can be made aware. An advantage of radio as a source of information is that it is useful even in the illiterate societies. Often issues which are ignored by the outside world, governments and masses are taken up by the media to make people aware of the wrongdoings and evils in society. However, media has many shortcomings. Being reported and broadcasted by individuals, it can include personal bias (Graham, 2011). Reports could be intentionally tampered with in situations of threat or bribe. Many times, useful information is not conveyed, and useless gossip about celebrities is all we find in televisions and newspapers.

Media has many merits. Through this medium, we can get public opinion on particular current issues and events. Also, children’s level of knowledge increases mainly by watching speeches by famous personalities from different fields and also through quiz programs. Media also has its demerits which are several. At times the information converted to the society may not be authentic from every angle hence can lead to misinterpretation of a given situation. Some news can be tampered with so as to influence the minds of the audience. An example is a particular political party may tamper with reports in their favor which would clearly show the political control in the media. Misleading messages may lead young minds towards the wrong path. Bad translation of news may blow things out of proportion creating further unrest or even violence in any place (Thompson, 1985).

Children get addicted to playing video games and spend many hours surfing the internet which is not a safe place without parental guidance. They lose interest in outdoor games and as a result, the physical development of the child may not improve. Moreover, children tend to spend less time studying. Hence, the music programs, dance and fashion shows aired, attract youngsters very much making them spend money on jewels, makeup, clothing due to the influence of actors and models (Graham, 2011). Also, young people try to behave like them, gesture like them and even look and live like them which is impossible because we are all different. Satellite channels often broadcast vulgar programs that destroy moral character of the young people. Nonetheless, individuals who watch violent films or programs through media often engage themselves in illegal works and commit crimes quickly. Use of mass media should be substantial and for the betterment of the society.

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