• April 4th, 2016

Smart Cities: Context, Policy and Government

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Word Limit – 3000 words
The purpose of this coursework is to assess your ability to critically analyse the extent to which a city of your choice can be described as a ‘Smart City’. You are expected to define and research Smart City implementations within this city in depth, and be able to critically evaluate these within relevant wider social, economic, political or historic contexts. You may wish to choose a city that you are already familiar with, but you should not choose London.

Select ONE city (that is NOT London) and discuss and critically assess the extent to which your city can be described as a ‘Smart City’. Your report should outline and describe elements of urban innovation emerging within government, civil society, business, planning, or any other relevant actors. With reference to relevant contexts (social, economic, political, cultural, historic etc.), the review should cover the advantages and disadvantages of these innovations. This includes a discussion of the positive contributions that these innovations make to urban life, for example, through cultural, economic, or efficiency gains. But equally, the review should outline the limitations and negative outcomes of these implementations, in terms of emerging ethical concerns, reduced transparency and democracy, and inequality, among others.

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