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Six Sigma

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Six sigma concepts, methodologies and tools

  1. Describe the concept of Six Sigma for supply chain management.
  2. Describe two benefits of creating and using a QFD matrix.
  3. Describe each part of the QFD matrix and how a QFD matrix is created.
  4. Describe the steps for benchmarking.
  5. Give brief descriptions of these Six Sigma tools and where they can be used;
    • Affinity diagram
    • Kano model
    • Pareto analysis
    • Brainstorming
    • Fishbone analysis
    • Process flow charts
    • Failure mode analysi
    • Design of experiment
  6. In the DMAIC cycle, the final step can at times be overlooked.  What does the final stage “control” hope to accomplish?
  7. How does lean thinking generate process improvement and what are the advantages of integrating lean with six sigma?
  8. Why is it a good idea to create value stream process maps?

Topic Two questions

Design For Six Sigma For service design

  1. What is DFSS? What benefits does it hold for supply chain design and management?
  2. Outline how you would redesign a supply chain process using DFSS.

Topic three questions

Six sigma applications 

  1. What are the key factors for implementing a successful six sigma program for supply chain management?  What are the obstacles and challenges of the six sigma method?
  2. Critically review and elaborate on one of the Six sigma applications for logistics and supply chain management provided in topic three. References must be included within the text and the following must be included in your approach;
    • how the projects are specified
    • what methods/approaches/tools are selected
    • how the methods/approaches/tools  are employed in the different phases of the application
    • how the improvement actions are implemented
    • what particular benefits are gained from the application
    • what weakness you may have noted in the application approach

Topic four questions

SCOR and Lean Six sigma 

  1. Describe the SCOR model; include what needs it addresses, what are its strengths and weakness.
  2. Explain the SCOR Six sigma (Lean) convergence, what does SCOR add to Six sigma and vice versa, give an example of an application.

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