• March 26th, 2016

Signal Transduction Lab Yeast Mating

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

All groups were given four tubes of yeast. Two of these tubes were one strain, X, and two were another strain, Y. For each strain, one tube had added alpha factor (designated with a +) and one tube did not have added alpha factor (designated with a -).
Based on your observations of shmooing and not shmooing, figure out the mating types of the strains you were given.

Write a lab report summarizing your findings from the succinate dehydrogenase lab. Please use the following format:

Summarize the experiment and your findings.

Please describe the system being used to study signal transduction, in particular, mating pheromone response in baker’s yeast. Use the provided background articles to assist you in writing this section. Other review articles about this topic may also be used. Please cite all referenced material. Please include a model figure showing how the system works.

Materials and methods
An explanation of how you performed the experiments, written in paragraph form. Please do not include a list of reagents/equipment.

Results and Figures
An explanation of your findings, also written in paragraph form. Distinct experiments/findings can be organized with subheadings. Figures and tables should be titled and clearly labeled.

Rather than a full discussion section, for this report please write a summary of your findings and what they mean.

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