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Side Channel attack on encrypted Wi-Fi traffic to detect mobile Apps usage | UK US Essays
  • March 20th, 2016

Side Channel attack on encrypted Wi-Fi traffic to detect mobile Apps usage

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Research paper
You should write a complete paper that presents new and novel research in the area of information security.
The main outcome of the project is a publishable conference style research paper. The paper should present a new research and novel idea that has not been published before.
A thorough set of tests and performance evaluation experiments are to be conducted to evaluate the methodology and compare the approach to related work.
You should reference at least nine journals or refereed conference papers. Preferably, one third most cited classic papers, third newly published 2014-15, and the rest are “worth noting”.
Your grade will be judged on the novelty of the approach, completeness, and accuracy of the evaluation and comparison to related work.

Topic Name:
Side Channel attack on encrypted Wi-Fi traffic to detect mobile Apps usage.

Mobile clients connecting to Wi-Fi routers rely on encryption protocols for security and privacy. Wang et al. [1] show that despite encryption, an eavesdropper (w/o breaking encryption) is able to determine the users’ behavior and app usage. You’re supposed to use a classification algorithm to study more identifiable traffic patterns and infer more private information.
[1] Qinglong Wang, A. Yahyavi, B. Kemme and Wenbo He, “I know what you did on your smartphone: Inferring app usage over encrypted data traffic,” Communications and Network Security (CNS), 2015 IEEE Conference on, Florence, 2015, pp. 433-441.

Follow IEEE Conference format.

Research Paper Grading
1. Abstract.
2. Introduction
• Discuss the background and motivation of your work.
• Summarize the research problem.
• Summarize the proposed solution/approach to the problem.
3. Related work
• Discuss research related to yours! Classify, compare and show advantages and disadvantages. (Summarize the shortcomings of others)
4. Your approach/algorithm/solution/concept
• Describe your approach in detail. Use figures and pseudo code snippets to best explain the solution.
5. Validation of your approach
• Prove or demonstrate the improvement delivered by the new approach using theoretical/mathematical proof, physical experiments or simulation results. Evaluation metrics should be similar to the ones used in related work
6. Conclusions
• Summarize the conclusions of your work. Future work is optional.
7. References
• List all the citations referenced in your paper. Citation follows Vancouver reference style. You will lose 2 points for each missing or dangling reference (i.e., the reference not cited in the main text).

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