• April 17th, 2016


Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Find at least 10 2008-2016 peer-reviewed literature resources from any academic library related to the topic SHORTAGE OF MID-LEVEL IT (INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY) LEADERS IN CORPORATE IT COMPANIES.

For each peer-reviewed article located on the above topic develop an annotation including the five elements: 1. Citation, 2. Author’s abstract, 3. at least five direct quotes from each resource, 4. paraphrasing of each original quote, and 5. a comprehensive paragraph demonstrating the doctoral learner’s ability to integrate material from various sources in order to present, or argue, a point.

IMPORTANT: Each annotation must include the following:
•Complete Citation
•The author’s abstract
•At least five direct quotes from the article that enhance your understanding of the topic. The direct quotes can be up to 150 words.
•A rendering of your understanding of the direct quote in your own words. Your rendering should have at least 70 percent of the word – count of the original quote. (Advice: Review the original quote, then put it aside. Write about your understanding of the quote without looking at the original.

Please separate and properly label each annotation.

Please provide a cover page and reference page.

The assignment has to be done in APA format.

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