• April 16th, 2016

Short answer questions based on books

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Minimum of 250 words for each response

Respond to both of the essay question prompts below. Responses should be answered in essay response format. This means that writing a sentence or two will not fulfill the requirements. Both of the writing prompts are intended to test your knowledge and understanding of the reading; therefore, you should use evidence from the reading for support

1. Herman Melville created each of the characters in Benito Cereno as representations. Captain Amasa Delano, who comes from Massachusetts, is our only American character in the novella and is portrayed in a stereotypical and often negative manner. It is through Captain Delano that the reader is given Melville’s negative interpretation of who or what an American is. Re-examine how Captain Delano is portrayed and explain how his character is a negative representation of how others view America and Americans. Think of each of his actions during the story. How do his actions represent how most people view America? Also address why we seem to learn the fate of all of the main characters except Delano? What do you think Melville is suggesting about America by using this tactic? Think of the time period it is was written; it was just before the Civil War. Give specific examples from the story. Do not use information from the internet (I will know if you do).You should figure this out on your own.

.2. Compare Captain Delano, Benito Cereno, and Babo in terms of their leadership capacities. You should draw on examples from the reading.

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