• March 31st, 2016

Sexual Violence And Abuse

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

You’re required to conceptualise and articulate a research question and associated hypothesis/es, identify appropriate theoretical frameworks, provide a concise, focused literature review and identify gaps in the literature and the relevance of the topic for policy and practice. This is a literature review. It should follow the basic structure of an essay, with an introduction (which introduces the research topic and question and the order on how the literature review will be presented ), a body and a conclusion. It essentially needs to put forward a research question and hypotheses, and review the prior literature on this. You can include the hypothesis at any point, but most literature reviews include the hypothesises towards the end. Below is a link to the detailed structure requirements:

You will need develop a final version of the research question relevant to the broad topic: “sexual violence and abuse” to base and write the literature review on. As well as relevant hypothesis ( generally 1-2 hypothesises ). Have a look for some developmental risk factors that have not been widely examined in relation to the broad chosen research topic. This will be evident after research has started. I have already drafted a research question. Below, is the current developed research question: ‘Are adolescent sexual offenders more likely to have a childhood diagnosis of conduct disorder than adult sexual offenders’ ( this research question has been pre approved by the professor – so main focus on finding journal Articles with research that will lead evidently in comparing adolescent to adult sexual offenders and the likeness of childhood diagnosis of conduct disorder ) You will need to start research on the broad topic and find a minimum of 20 peer reviewed journal articles around the above developed research question in order to further adjust/redraft it appropriately as well as to create the hypothesis.

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