• April 22nd, 2016

Sexual objectification of women.

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The essay should be approximately 1,000 words in length, and it should be typed and double-spaced. Use formal essay structure (introduction, body, and conclusion). The content of this essay should include discrimination and ethnic, disability, gender and sexuality stereotypes. You are required to use research for this assignment. The paper should incorporate at least four sources, and at least two of the four should be from academic databases (I’ll give you the two academic database sources). You are to cite your sources (both within the essay and with a works cited page- I can do that as well). Follow MLA guidelines. Dictionaries and encyclopedias do not count toward the research credit. Also, Wikipedia is a banned source. SUGGESTED TOPICS: Analyze Jane Elliott’s Blue Eye/ Brown Eye experiment to teach how institutionalized racism functions. Consider, for example, her use of the green collars, the number and placement of chairs, the posters on the classroom walls, the use or deprivation of food and beverages, etc. How do these props emphasize her points? Jane Elliott’s Blue Eye/Brown Eye experiment has been controversial since its inception. Does it deserve any of the criticism it has faced? Examine the virtues and flaws of the experiment to determine whether it has merit in combatting racism. I already have the two database articles for the following topic so I’d prefer it if you write about that one, but I don’t mind looking for other articles on other topics. Considering Caroline Heldman’s TED Talk, “The Sexy Lie,” analyze the impact of sexual objectification of women.Focus on a particular example—such as a film portrayal, a magazine cover, a Youtube commercial, a sitcom character, etc.—and offer a criticism or defense of that example.

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