• April 15th, 2016

Sexual Assault :The Scope of The Problem

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

A paper between 5 and 7 pages in length, not including the reference section on a topic approved by the instructor is to be submitted. Students should consult the Table of Contents of the text for ideas on possible topics for the paper. The paper is to follow APA publication guidelines to include a running head, one-inch margins, and a 12 inch font. A bibliography is required. Only sources from articles published in a journal will be accepted. Copies of the journal article should be submitted with the paper. The written work will be evaluated by the course’s writing standards. The paper shall include an introduction of the
subject matter, pertinent research and associated outcome studies and application to the profession. Students will be assigned 1-20 points for readability of the paper, 1-20 points for proper use of grammar, language and spelling, 1-20 points for how well the topic was covered, 1-20 points for sources turned in for research, and 1-20 points for how well they followed directions. Total possible points: 100.

Note- this is a crisis intervention strategies class

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