• April 15th, 2016

Sequence Analysis

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Look in the “SeqAllocation” file to find the sequence allocated to you. It is the row number next to your student number. Open the appropriate “Sequences for report” files (open the one with your number). Use copy and paste to place your sequence in its own document, save it and work with that sequence only. The starting premise of your report is that you have cloned the gene and obtained the sequence of it. The task of your report is to analyse the gene in any and all ways that you can. This means that you will use the bioinformatics analysis tools that you have used in class, and produce a final report that describes the gene and its product in detail. This includes, but is not limited to, encoded protein, homologs in other species, evolutionary tree (build your own), chromosomal location, gene structure, relationship to inherited disease, protein structure etc. Note that each of the sequences may encode more than one reading frame, however (hint!) in all cases the longest reading frame is the one to analyse.

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