• April 1st, 2016

Sepsis patho and fluids physiology ,advanced pathophysiology

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Its all about question and answers there are 5 questions basically to write advanced pathophysiology why patient become low BP,tachycardic,tachypnoec,pale,hypoxaemic explain uderlying pathophysiology as patient is septic shock ,then type of fluid for resuscitation to write why its given and not given ,i will upload all questions

Q.1 to write endotoxins,cytokines production what happenes vascular system,arteries eg vasodilation then preload,afterload and contractility then each vital parameters mentioned in the question to explain the pathophysiology why skin look pale uploaded journals if you want to look at it Q.2 additional assessment I have chosen to write rationale or physiology why doing this particular patient Q.3 ABG analysis ,uploaded a resource for you Q.4 to mention each option what is normal saline,5% dextrose their tonicity ,what will happen if administer changes in cellular compartment,why giving it why not,there is safe trial journal uploaded tosupport this question. Q.5 position change why giving right side up and left side up,fowlers ,their rationale also to mention what happens ventilation and perfusion with each position as patient diagnosed right lower lobe pneumonia hope this helps writing better according to criteria,please communicate with us while you writing

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