• April 19th, 2016


Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

In this assessment item you are required to apply the concepts covered in Market and Marketing, Impact of tourism and events and Sustainability to the same destination (Seoul)!

***The topics covered in concepts are:
• Markets and marketing (Plog’s psychographic typology, Market segments (and segmentation), Destination choice and selection, Maslow’s theory of needs and its importance for motivations to
• Impact of tourism and events (Economic integration and diversification, Employment (direct and indirect), Regional development, Formal and informal sectors, Economic costs)
• Sustainability (financially / economically, socially and environmentally)

You need to support your views with references to the tourism research literature, in particular recent (2000 – 2015) research articles on this topic; In particular, you need to read and refer to at least 3 tourism research journal articles in addition to academic books and other sources. Ensure you reference correctly (both in text and by providing a bibliography).

In this essay, you need to set up destination, Seoul.

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