• January 4th, 2017

Segregation (separation) of duties.

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What is ‘segregation (separation) of duties’? According to the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), what are the three principal incompatible functions that should be separated? Why is segregation of duties necessary for an effective control environment? Consider the embezzlement fraud at Koss Corporation discovered in 2009. Identify some of the ways that Koss failed in its segregation of duties; and how this led to the fraud.

Assume the audience for your paper is a supervisor in a CPA firm.

Step 1: Draft an outline for your research topic. An outline Should include Introduction, Body and Conclusion. A strong outline is will make your research and writing easier.

Step2: Use your outline to do specific research.

Step3: Write your research paper based on the specific research you did for your outline. The length of your final research paper depends on the nature of the topic and the writing style of the student. Use MLA style for your citation.

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