• March 7th, 2016

Security sector reform

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

This is a two part question/ course work

500 words per part

This e-tivity should help you reflect upon the aims, principles and activities aimed at enhancing oversight of the security sector; a crucial but often overlooked element of Security Sector Reform (SSR). It should also help you think about the different style of language used for different purposes and to target different audiences.

part 1:500 word cover letter to a potential donor

You are project manager in an international NGO that addresses security and justice issues in post-conflict and developing countries. You have developed a project proposal, the aim of which is to provide training to actors who have oversight functions in the security sector in a country that has recently experienced conflict. You need to write a cover letter to a prospective donor to accompany your funding request. In this short cover letter (approximately 500 words) summarise why oversight is important and provide an overview of the type of training you will provide and to whom it will be provided. When preparing for this e-tivity you might want to review the final unit of this Module.

part 2: 500 words press release
You have secured funding for the project. Write a short press release (approximately 500 words) that will be distributed to in-country news media outlets at the launch of the project. This press release needs to briefly highlight the value of the project. The aim of the article is to help generate public awareness and support for the project.

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