• March 9th, 2016

Second Hand Lions

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Prompt: Write a mixed review of the film that is evaluative. You may choose any film to review, but there are three posted to the Moodle classroom: Secondhand Lions, Little Boy, and Smoke Signals. Follow the instructions for viewing the films posted to the online classroom. Only certain browsers will work. Audience: The audience is comprised of readers of film journals who turn to the review section to determine whether or not a film does a good job communicating its theme. They also want to know if it is worth seeing. Use an appropriate formal tone. Conventions: · Does not use first person, second person, or contractions (unless in a direct quote) · Uses a works cited list along with in-text citations and parenthetical references for research related either to the film’s critical reception or to its creation. · Uses limited, credible research for background or context but does not use research to develop the student’s opinions about the film’s strengths and weaknesses (<25%) · Uses a clearly stated mixed review thesis · Explains clearly the film’s theme · Selects the elements that best support the mixed review’s argument · Provides specific evidence to support the mixed review’s argument · Avoids spoilers and keeps plot summary to a minimum · The lack of documented research will subtract three rubric points.

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