• April 9th, 2016


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Assignment Brief:


Digital forensic investigations are becoming commonplace in incident management, providing an organization with the ability to both identify the cause of the incident and have the option to take appropriate action legally. It is imperative however that a sound set of procedures and analyses are applied.


Scenario Overview:


AEB Systems, a leading UK defense contractor has identified that its classified plans for the next generation Enterprise-Class Aircraft Carriers has been recently stolen. Whilst AEB Systems employees over 40,000 staff with a turnover in excess of £20 billion, access to confidential-level information is highly restricted to a team of 20. News of the breach sent the stock price down 25%, wiping £40 billion of the value of the company. Systems operating with and storing confidential-level information are air-gapped from normal operational systems.


Given the huge impact of the intellectual property theft, the CEO has brought in independent forensic consultants to undertake an investigation to determine how the theft was undertaken.


Given the scenario presented, you are to act as the independent digital forensic examiner and describe the process to undertake a forensic investigation of the case. Your report should begin by detailing the steps required to seize and acquire the digital evidence through to the examination and analysis of the evidence. In addition to describing the steps required, it is important you provide commentary to describe the relevance/importance of the procedure.

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