• April 12th, 2016

SDG model UN Summit workshop activity

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Please read and answer as requested –
1) Watch this short introduction to the UN

2) Choose a country from the following list (there will be double ups – if you come in late and see if no one has posted about a particular country please fill in the gap! You are also welcome to make groups – up to you, it might be a good idea to say ‘I want to do …, who wants to work with me on it?’)

United Kingdom
United States of America
3) Carry out some quick background research on your allocated country (see links below). This should include but is not limited to:

Is your Government able to communicate and negotiate well with other countries?
Are you at war with any other countries?
Are you a member of international groupings such as the European Union or the African Union?
4) Now, think about which area of development your country would campaign for to include in the SDGs. How important is it to the development of your country and why? (i.e. water, education, HIV/AIDS eradication)

5) Prepare an opening statement introducing your country and what goal you feel most passionate about including in the SDGs. You should include the following:

Description of your country (e.g. geographical location, history, political stance, role in development as a donor or recipient etc)
One or two interesting facts about your country
What problems are faced by the population of your country
Why are these problems significant to your country
What help do you need from the rest of the world, if any at all
What to post to the discussion board:

Present your opening statement and an argument as to what should be included in the SDGs. You need to convince one another of why your country’s requirements would be beneficial if included in the SDGs.

Once you have completed this, we can get try and get some debate going and see if we can agree on five goals.

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