• April 20th, 2016

Scripting DNS

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Create a Script named New-Domains.ps1 that performs the following functions
1. Allow user to input a filename to process.
a. Create a required string parameter named filepath that accepts the name of the xml file to process. Provide an appropriate help message when parameter is not submitted.
b. Check for the file, provide meaningful message if file does not exits then exit program.
2. Read the xml file and perform the following tasks.
a. Create primary zone on <primary> server. Do not store zone in AD. Use the zone name as the name of the zone file.
i. If zone already exists write an appropriate message and skip to the next zone.
ii. Set the responsible person <responsbilepersonemail>. Remember that the “@” sign needs to be replaced with a “.”
b. Configure the zone.
i. Create a NS record for secondary server <secondary>.
ii. Configure zone replication to only the name servers.
iii. Configure the zone to automatically notify secondary servers when changes occur.
iv. Create secondary zone <secondary>. This zone uses the <primary> server for its master.
c. Create appropriate records
i. Record types are limited to A, MX, and CNAME
3. Provide appropriate output as script processes.
a. Users should never see a “red error”

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