• April 7th, 2016


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Can be written in essay format.
Reference no older than 10 years.

Three Parts:
(a) Scenario (350-400 words)
(b) Consideration of theoretical perspectives (650 – 750) words)
(c) Recommendations (400-500 words)

Assessment overview: in the weeks leading up to your practicum, you will be reviewing some of the key theoretical perspectives outlined in this unit and how these perspectives can address diversity and inclusion. To demonstrate the breadth and depth of your understanding in these areas, you will be required to develop a scenario that encapsulates the diverse needs of an individual student (eg. dyslexia, gifted, ASD (autism), refugee, etc.) within a primary (Prep – Grade 6) based context . Based on this scenario, you are to make recommendations for this student and consider how the theoretical perspectives reviewed in this unit can help you understand your scenario and support your recommendations.
The purpose of this assignment is to enable you to apply your learning of the theoretical perspectives, diversity and inclusion in this unit to make recommendations for an individual child.

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