• March 7th, 2016

SandBlasters Calculations

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Aim of the project is : To be able to develop a traction control system that will prevent the wheel of the train to slip whilst it providing the maximum possible traction.
I chose to prevent slipping by putting a sand blaster to spray sand on the wheels.
The locomotive I’m working on has 8 wheels. Im planing on putting 16 sand nozzles. The calculations should be calculated in an engineering way.
Any measurements needed just use the normal locomotive measurements however mention each measurement and how it used so i can input my measurements later.
What needs to be calculated:
How much sand you have to dispense on the wheel-rail interaction.
How far away the nozzle is from the wheel-rail interaction will be proportional to the amount of pressure is needed.
Ways to determine the pressure required and the distance away from the wheel-rail interaction it needs.
If the writer thinks of more calculations needed he can input them.
Assuming the mechanism is turned on by a simple switch.

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