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There are so many career options in the field of psychology, that doing research in the fields that are the most interesting to me was a little overwhelming. I literally want to do and know everything. I know that is a little impossible, but it’s worth a shot right? The careers that seem the most interesting to me forensic psychologist and social psychologist. Forensic psychology is actually the reason I began interested in a psychology degree in the first place. Social psychology is something that is a fairly new interest.

According to American Psychology Associations website on Forensic Psychology, this is a professional practice that is with in the areas of clinical psychology, counseling, school and other specialties. (American Psychology Association , 2016) Forensic psychologist are used as experts in the judicial system. The best way that I can explain is the general concept of a profiler. Everyone I assume has seem Criminal Minds. They are Hollywood’s version of Profilers. (No it is not an accurate show, and I would never base anything off of a TV series.) While doing research on forensic psychology I discovered that careersinpsychology.com recommends that you first earn a bachelors in psychology with a focus in criminal justice or criminology. (Careers in Psychology , n.d.)Oddly enough, most of my electives were criminal justice core classes. The basics of what they do is study criminals and criminal behavior. Forensic psychologist also study crime scenes in hopes of learning more about the criminal. The median salary for forensic psychology was reported to be $86,510.

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