• April 19th, 2016

Sacred Spaces

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Please select two artworks from the list of sacred spaces below and write a comparison essay. For each artwork consider the following:

1) What is its architectural design? Is the layout or how it was built sacred to some people? Is their any symbolic geometry in the design?

2) Why was it built? Is its location significant?

3) How does the space harmonize with nature? (orientation, cardinal directions, astronomy, natural elements, sun)?

4) Does it contain any sacred objects or important symbolism?

5) How was this space originally used by worshipers? How is it used today? Consider religious rituals and pilgrimages.

After discussing each of your chosen sacred spaces individually, discuss at least two similarities and two differences between them. While religion is obviously an important aspect of each space, you should discuss any differences in religion as they relate to the architectural design of your artworks. Please stay focused on the spaces themselves rather than comparing the religions.

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