• April 17th, 2016

Rwanda back papers

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Students are required to read the Rwanda Backpackers (HBP) case study and Identify potential challenges and risks with the strategic plan developed. On completion:- Provide a 2000 word report that proposes at least one alternatives strategic plan that Kayi Davie and Abdallah Bawazir could employ to achieve better results while optimising available resources. (See notes below for further context)

Students are encouraged to utilise different frameworks, templates and models discussed in class to identify potential problems and challenges as well as when proposing alternative strategies. Always try and justify your suggestions and the narrative that you present Make use of all the appendices in the case study to determine your proposed solution.

What makes great reports?
Informative and fact-based
Formally structured
Usually written with a specific purpose and reader in mind
Written in style appropriate to each section
Always include section headings
Often use bullet points
Often includes tables or graphs
Offer recommendations for action
Appropriate Referencing should be used.

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