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Patients receive care from many professions. These include x-ray technicians, laboratory technicians, physical therapists, nutritionists, and paramedics. Even though these professionals are not doctors they are still held to a higher standard because of their contact with patients. For this case assignment read the 1994 case, Hook v. McLaughlin. (https://www.leagle.com/xmlResult.aspx?xmldoc=19941156642NE2d514_11140.xml&docbase=CSLWAR2-1986-2006). It deals with the interaction between a pharmacist and patient. After reading the case, please respond to the following questions.

What are the pharmacist’s responsibilities to a patient?
Did the pharmacist uphold those responsibilities in this case?
Do you agree with the court’s findings? Justify your response.
What are the lessons to be learned from this case for employees?
What is the impact on the patient and community when an allied healthcare professional does not perform their duties properly?
Has this case lead to any changes in the way prescriptions are handled today?
Assignment Expectations
Be sure to apply critical thinking skills from your analysis of the current literature on the above topics;
Limit your paper to 3 pages (double-spaced, 10-12 point font), not including title page and list of references;
Please use at least 3-5 scholarly sources. Please be sure to properly cite all references both within the text (at the end of paraphrased paragraphs) and at the end of your paper. I will grade your paper on your ability to address the assignment criteria listed above with depth and breadth of discussion. I will also critique your writing format (i.e. proper reference citations, spacing, etc.).

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