• May 7th, 2015

Risk Assessment

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You are required to produce a critical analysis of a selection of risk assessments in relation to occupational health and safety hazards associated with the work activities or processes within the workplace you have chosen to establish whether the risk assessments may be deemed to “suitable and sufficient” and the effectiveness of the arrangements for the management of risk.
You should focus on four different classes of hazard (e.9. machinery safety, workplace transport, slips and trips, work at height, noise, manual handling).
Please note that appendices, if used, should only contain essential supporting documentation – samples of the risk assessment forms must be included. No marks will be awarded for content in the appendices.
Your analysis must be supported by significant reference to the literature.
The assignment should include:
1. An introduction to incorporate: the aims, background information.
2. An analysis of whether the duty holder’s risk assessments are ‘suitable and sufficient, including consideration of:
a. The appropriateness of the methodology used (bearing in mind the expected audience);
b. How well hazards and the harm that may occur have been identified;
c. How well the risks have been evaluated; and
d. whether appropriate controls have been identified and prioritized. (50%)
3. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the arrangements for the risk, including planning; organisation; implementation; monitoring and review. (30%)
4. Conclusions and Recommendations. (10%)

The coursework should be produced in a structured report-style format, not in essay style as to the breakdown specified above.


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