• April 9th, 2016

Rising Sea Levels

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

SPU 25 Energy and Climate:
Final Paper Guidelines
• €Topics. Students will generate their own topics that are related to energy and climate, particularly related to how energy and climate are related and how they may change in the future. Students may bring their own expertise (e.g. technology, sociology, economics, politics) into their paper, as long it is related to the material in this course.
• €Length. Papers will be about 10 pages, double spaced (standard font size and margins), not including figures. Papers should include an abstract, body, summary, conclusion, and references, though the specific sections may vary with the paper.
• €Writing. Papers should be well-written, thoroughly edited, and free of spelling and grammar mistakes.
• €Type of Papers. Papers may be literature-based (summarizing, synthesizing, and discussing several 
sources and/or viewpoints on a particular topic) or investigation-based (asking and addressing a question that may require acquiring data; e.g. what is the energy consumption of Harvard University, what is the solar potential of the campus, etc.)

• €Sources. All sources must be appropriately cited. Plagiarism of any kind will not be tolerated and may result in a failing grade.

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