• March 9th, 2016

Right to bear arms for it

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This paper is an argument and picking a side I chose the topic right to bear arms and I believe you have the right to have your gun on you for protection etc. I am for it. Mention how the right to have a gun But with restrictions such as not at school and campuses. Also, people should be able to have a gun but it shouldn’t be so easy to get one. Along with this essay, I need to have annotated bibliographys for at least 4 current event sources in the works cited page. So a works cited page and only 4 of the current event sources have to have an annotated bibliography. The essay length is 4 full pages and then a works cited page making it 5 but with the works cited page 4 of the sources must include annotated bibliographies making it 6 pages. Additional info: Requirements for the current event annotated bibliographies include 1. MLA Citation, Then in the paragraph include Summary of article (3-4 sentences), How this article relates to the paper (2-3 sentences), Why is this source credible? Why is the writer credible (ex. The writer interviewing an astronomer, quotes) only in the annotated bibliographies you can use 1st person (ex. This article relates to my paper because x, y and z.

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