• April 18th, 2016

Revised Fee Sheet and Email to Client

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Rhetorical Situation: You have been hired to revise a 2016 fee sheet for Alpha Delta Pi sorority. Your final project will include:

1. In the 300-500 word reflection letter to me, detail how you made an effort to address the rhetorical situation in your documents:

-In response to my comments and edits from project 1, what were you sure to focus on in this project?
-Which goals from How to Improve Your Business Writing did you set and how did you address them in this project? Cite specific examples.
-How did you apply the readings and resources I offered to your writing? Cite specific examples from at least 2 resources you found particularly helpful.
-What did you learn about yourself as a business writer through completing this assignment? What was challenging for you? What will you continue to work on in future projects?

2. Revised fee sheet (revise to 3 pages or less): The primary audience of the fee sheet is new members, who need an overview of the fees for the year. They will also expect an explanation of what the fees are for. Your goal is to replace as much text as possible in the fee sheet with document design (using columns, charts, bulleted lists, different fonts, headings, bolded text, colored text, images.). Consider how you can make the document useful for your audience. Be as concise as possible without compromising information. *Remember, good document design supports clarity for your audience. In your final document, the information should be easy to find, understand, and remember for your reader.

3. Formal Email to Alpha Delta Pi, who has hired you, explaining your revisions: The audience of this email will want to hear how the document redesign communicates to new members effectively.

Genres: fee sheet, formal email

Purpose: To inform new Alpha Delta Pi Members on fees, to persuade Alpha Delta Pi that you have made effective changes to the fee sheet.

Audience analysis: New Alpha Delta Pi members and leaders at Alpha Delta Pi. Think about what Alpha Delta Pi members will look for from a Fee Sheet as well as how leaders would want those changes explained by someone they hired.

Format, content, length: Both should be as concise and straight to the point as possible. Fee sheet is up to you in terms of creative formatting: feel free to use any software you like to add color, tables or various fonts.

Course goals we are addressing and how you will be evaluated:

• Craft documents that address specific audiences

• Select, organize and prioritize information to best achieve the document’s purpose

• Compose documents that use appropriate style choices for the genre or rhetorical situation

• Design documents that ensure ease of navigation

• Produce documents that use standard conventions of business genres

• Prepare documents that are factually accurate

• Compose documents that are grammatically and mechanically sound
Steps to Prepare:

1. Read “How to Improve Your Business Writing” and select two sections as goals for this project (example: you will cut the fat from your writing).

2. Copy and paste the “2016 fee sheet” into a document (located under project 2 on D2L). Begin editing. Aim for 3 pages or less final revised fee sheet. Feel free to delete or add material. Think about conciseness, clarity & tone. The document is 1,231 words. Try to eliminate at least 1/3 of the words.

3. After editing content, it is time to think about document design–columns, charts, bulleted lists, different fonts, headings, bolded text, colored text, images. To prepare, Read pages 87-92 and page 95: “How do I know if my design works?”

4. Add at least one bulleted list to the fee sheet.

5. Read “Project 2 tips” carefully, which will help you impliment design, editing and bulleted lists.

6. After making revisions to fee sheet, it is now time to explain your final revised fee sheet to the client in an email. First, read these “tips on writing effective emails”.

Write the formal email to the client. Please write the email in a .docx file with the exact subject line the email would have. Provide the following information to the client:

Summarize the substantive revisions you made to the original fee sheet. Why those changes?

Explain the document design choices you made for this primary audience. Why did you make them?

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