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Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Du Bois are both renowned Black American scholars. Their work and philosophies regarding Black education and racial progress are still referred to even today. For your first long-form writing assignment you will write an essay which analyzes W.E.B. Du Bois and Booker T. Washington’s different philosophies. Through this analysis you will explain what the two different men believed in, how that applied to Black Americans during that time, and how facts of that time period and prior informed their different philosophies. You will be expected to posit what you see as strengths and weaknesses in both of their philosophies regarding education and racial uplift. This essay is not asking you to side with either scholar but rather to critically analyze both of their philosophies and identify possible strengths and weaknesses on both sides. Because this is an exercise in critical engagement you need to identify strengths and weaknesses on both sides—identifying weaknesses may be difficult but it can be done with enough thoughtful engagement. All of your arguments should be supported with evidence from your readings. Below are questions which will help you orient your work:

1. How do Du Bois and Washington identify the treatment of Black people in the United States? What are their views when it comes to equality, enfranchisement, and freedom? How do these two see racial uplift/progress?
2. What did Du Bois and Washington see as vital steps to be taken in order to achieve their visions for Black Americans? What did Black Americans have to do in order to follow the philosophies of Du Bois? What did Black Americans have to do in order to follow the philosophies of Washington?
3. How do these two scholars define higher education? What do they see as important educational values and goals?
In writing this it will be helpful to think through how these two scholars differed in their platforms regarding Black education and racial uplift/progress. While this is not a compare and contrast essay, it would be useful for you to think through the similarities and differences of these scholars as you write.

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